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At Head Talk we treat a wide & varied array of concerns but specialise in  Abuse and PTSD; Anger Management; Relationship Damage, Depression and Anxiety. We are not so big that you are just another number. You can be guaranteed of personalised treatments focused on YOUR  particular concerns and how these are impacting YOU!. If you are results focused then Head Talk is for you.

Abuse & PTSD Therapy

Had enough of going round in circles? Time to let it go and  start living the life you were meant to live.

Anger Management Therapy

Are you angry at being constantly angry? Break the cycle and lead a happy life. You deserve it!!!

Relationship Damage

Take back your power and your worth. You will never be happy with someone else if you cannot be happy within yourself.

Depression & Anxiety Therapy

Had enough of living like this? Ready to make real life long lasting changes? Let’s Get Started!

What Makes Head Talk Different?

At Head Talk I specialise in The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP), therefore you get this in its purest form and not mixed or blended with a bit of this and a bit of that. This enables me to get a clearer understanding if something is not working and why.

I also offer ongoing backup support when your sessions have finished at no extra cost (within reason) for 12 months. The changes can be so profound it is not uncommon that there will undoubtedly be questions.

Every single person’s story is different. You need a therapist and a system that is flexible enough to deal with YOUR concerns  – not just what the textbook says.

Sometimes it is just not practical or possible to do 1 on 1 in person. We can still work together & get awesome results using Zoom, for a fast, flexible and effective session.

You’ve had this long enough! You don’t need to keep reliving it. At Head Talk, you will get focused sessions specifically on YOUR trauma and how it impacts YOU!

You want fast, effective, and meaningful results. Generally, we get great results in only 4 sessions. Let’s not stuff around. Let’s get in there and get it sorted.

Your phone consult gives me an idea as to whether TRTP is the right fit for you, whilst also allowing you the choice if you wish to proceed with your treatment.

You do not need a referral to come and see me. Clients feel this is an advantage as it is confidential and doesn’t get recorded against your name on your health record.

Specialising in TRTP™ Therapy

TRTP™ deals with the cause. We get in, turn it off leaving you free to get on with life again. We don’t just turn it off for a couple of weeks or months, we turn it off for good! We do not spend weeks/months/years talking about things like many other counselling & psychology services do.
We believe that constantly going over and over trauma/events actually causes the individual to relive the event/s, which in turn causes the trauma to be continued. This is why so often, many people will spend months and even years in therapy without necessarily gaining much progress.

Couples Therapy Cleveland

Head Talk is a fantastic program. Sean is extremely professional and you walk away with skills to move forward and use each day. Very empowering experience.

Ferny Grove, Brisbane

I have been fortunate enough to go through the TRTP Process with Sean particularly because I have had an outstanding result. I have an autoimmune disorder and somehow my subconscious mind caused another trigger and I flared quite badly for a few months. Miraculously after going through the TRTP process with Sean, all my pain left my body.
I’m truly grateful and can’t believe how powerful this process is. As a TRTP practitioner, myself and having had such a miraculous result just validates all that I have learned. Thank you, Sean, you placed me in a safe place and your compassion and care allowed me to fully engage with this process. Thank you

Enoggera, Brisbane

I had been struggling with a lot of childhood trauma and the depression and anxiety that goes along with that was crippling me from living my best life. Then Sean was recommended to me by a friend.

I was a bit skeptical at first but went along with encouragement from my wife. After the first session I felt like the weight of the world had lifted from my shoulders. My moods had improved, my thoughts were clearer and I was much calmer. The more sessions we had the better I felt and the clearer my head was.

I found Sean to be extremely professional and supportive and I would highly recommend this process to anyone who is struggling with something and needs to get in a better frame of mind.


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