Abuse and PTSD Therapy 

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Abuse & PTSD – aren’t they the same?

No, unfortunately they are not. You can have PTSD without abuse and you can have abuse without PTSD.

Unfortunately today both of these are greatly more rampant out there in the community than most people realise. At Head Talk, I see the results of and help people recover from/deal with these daily.

You are far from being alone in your experiences and suffering so take that first step to a new & happier life now. The first step is normally always the hardest.

Abuse & PTSD
PTSD Cleavland Therapy Clinic

Abuse Therapy

Abuse is not always physical and or sexual but always involves emotional!

Results of abuse are not always obvious and will often affect everyone slightly differently. For example – it’s not uncommon that health concerns can actually be a result of abuse from any form. As crazy as it might sound right now, manifesting a health concern can actually be the subconscious’s way of protecting the individual.

At Head Talk I have worked with clients that have had long term health and or auto immune conditions and the client has either drastically improved in their health or the concern has completely gone away.

A narcissistic relationship is a very common form of emotional abuse and it’s not always the men that are the preparators. It can be equally hard for both men and women to come forward for help – at Head Talk there is no judgement so take action now!

PTSD Therapy

PTSD can often result from abuse but it doesn’t have to. Other triggers for PTSD can include traumatic events such as but not limited to, witnessing someone die, a bushfire, prolonged drought or severe storm, a car/plane crash or similar.

Essentially, it’s all about not feeling safe. Fix this and you essentially fix the trigger causing the PTSD. Yes of course there is more involved than just that but that is the crux of the situation.

Have you had enough of going round in circles, constantly returning to the same blocks?

Are you truly ready to make life long lasting changes? It doesn’t have to govern your life any longer. Whatever your story, whatever you age, whatever your gender, I’m ready when you are.

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“When suffering happens, it forces us to confront life in a different way than we normally do.”

– Philip Yancey
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