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Is Anger Your Go To Emotion?

Do you have a history of hurting the ones you love or even those around you?
This may not necessarily be just physical acts, it can very often be emotional and verbal.

Anger Indicators To Watch For…

Here are few common indicators that you or someone you know might have an anger problem…

  • Frequent outbursts from even the smallest things.
  • Anger/irritability arising from feeling constantly overwhelmed and or anxiety.
  • Constant criticism of others
  • Blaming others for your poor patience with others, short temper, etc.

Whilst some problems may be a result of drugs, alcohol, etc, much of it is not. Many anger problems are the result of various subconscious core beliefs which the individual is struggling to control and most likely not even aware of.
Even drugs and alcohol use is often resulting from subconscious core belief patterns that have presented themselves in the physical as addictions.

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So How Can TRTP™ Help With Anger Issues?

The answer is simple. You can pay others heaps of money to sit there for many months or even years talking about it, reliving various events, experiencing and retraumatizing yourself, resulting in investing loads of time and not getting very far and then learning ways to ‘manage’ the problem rather than eliminating it.

Or, you can come and see me at Head Talk and together we can turn off the triggers causing the emotion leaving YOU to get on with life.

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Does Anger Management Help?

Anger is a very powerful emotion, however in some cases, anger isn’t the problem, it is a symptom of an underlying cause.

Removing the cause means caring for ourselves, the more we can handle stressful situations and remain in control the better our relationships and our daily lives become.

You shouldn’t have to learn to manage anger on a daily basis, come and talk to me about removing the cause.

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