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Where Does Relationship Damage Come From?

Nearly anyone who has ever been in a marriage or love-based relationship for any period of time gets some sort of ‘damage’ from it. It may be in the form of physical and or sexual abuse but nearly always has an element of emotional abuse.

This is equally applicable to the relationships we grew up in as children, our family environments, school or adolescence.

Then as we mature we may find relationship damage forms from close friends, partners, work colleagues and those in our inner social circles.

PTSD Cleavland Therapy Clinic
PTSD Cleavland Therapy Clinic

Emotional Abuse – A Lasting Affect

The emotional abuse may be either intentional and or unintentional but regardless it can do the same damage resulting in anxiety, self-worth and self-esteem issues, anger, lack of love for self, lack of confidence, etc.

It may come as a shock to some but this affects males as severely as it affects females – it’s just males may not speak up as much as females. Generally speaking, there is less acknowledgment in the community of the issues facing males in these regards.

Even if this occurred in previous relationships years and years ago, the damage will stay with us until it is correctly addressed and can impact our current relationships with our partners, our children, work colleagues and others.

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How Does TRTP™ Therapy Help?

TRTP is extremely effective at resolving these issues for both men and women. Not only are the triggers of the past resolved in generally 3 sessions, but the client also becomes at peace with her/himself. The love for one’s self is restored which can then enable the person to love others on a level that he/she hadn’t been able to before.

Here are some common areas from relationship damage that can be resolved with Head Talk & TRTP:

Lack of self WORTH, POWER and LOVE

SELF WORTH: You are worth more and deserve more so stop letting others put you down so they can feel better about themselves.

SELF POWER: No longer putting up with other people telling you how and when to lead your life.

SELF LOVE: Learn to properly love yourself again. This is perhaps the single biggest gift you can give to yourself. If you can’t love yourself then how can you properly love others.


We all get it to some degree. Some more than others but you don’t have to carry it around with you any longer. Time to let it go. Lets turn off those triggers that are causing it in the beginning.

Trauma & PTSD

From perpetrator induced trauma including emotional, physical & sexual as well as non-perpetrator induced trauma such as accidents, deaths, bushfires, floods etc

Clarity Of Mind

Get clarity and direction in your future. Get rid of the triggers that are causing all this brain fog.

PTSD Cleavland Therapy Clinic
At Head Talk I understand that this can be a daunting experience.

Head Talk offers the ideal opportunity for you to discuss your feelings in a safe, calm, and non judgemental space. 

TRTP does not work as a conventional couple’s treatment. This means you cannot come as a couple at the same time however I can work with both individuals separately.

“A Journey Of A Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”
– Lao Tzu

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